In Light of the VIrus

You’re a writer with a writer’s mind. Probably, like me, you’re using the Coronavirus as at least a mental writing prompt.

Oh, my head has spun conspiracy stories, dystopia stories, pathogenic stories, and more.

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Beware the Writer’s Power!

World events are grist for the mill. Let me encourage you with a few thoughts:

  • Write them down! Always good to have a number of project ideas.
  • Do NOT share them! Really. Right now, some people are sanguine, some are nervous, some scared, some annoyed, and some on the very edge of panic. The problem is, you don’t know who is who. Your clever story ideas could spin them into weird mindplaces.
  • Don’t mistake them for reality! Right now, we’re all a bit isolated. Sure there’s stuff going on. Sure, there may be more than we know about. Chances are, you haven’t come up with anything beyond fiction. Just as it isn’t wise to freak out other people, don’t freak out yourself.

As writers, we’re a bit weird. That’s OK. We can be the life of the party! But use your powers wisely. With great imagination comes great responsibility.

As in any crisis, no matter how you feel about it, strive to think of what you can do for your fellow person. After all, they are your audience; take care of them!

But please, please, please, remove “Stay Safe” from your vocabulary. It’s inane, tone-deaf, and while well meaning, is hollow. “Take care of yourself,” “be well” “See you later” all good cliches.

Be well!

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