No One knows what works

In William Goldman’s (may he rest in piece) great book, Adventures in the ScreenTrade, he makes the most true statement ever:

No one knows what works.

He was talking about movies, but it’s true for any story. Twilight made the author rich (why? Who knows?). 50 Shades of Grey, a bad story about bad bondage IN THIS DAY IN AGE, was phenomenally successful. Why?

In the movie trade, thousands of things can go wrong that makes a bad script good or a good script bad.

You may have a crazy concept. You may think it isn’t salable, but if 50 Shades of Grey can be successful in the Me Too era, there isn’t any crazy idea that can work.

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If this guy can go outside with a straight face, you can write your crazy story!

When you begin writing, don’t think about “is it publishable?” Think instead, “how do I make this crazy idea work?”

If you need permission to write that wacky concept, consider it given. Get writing.