Defining Vanity Press and Why We aren’t One

Vanity Press is a term for alternative publishing that preys on desperate authors.

We’re not that.

  • Vanity Press takes anyone who will pay them.

We take overlooked, fantastic authors. We help people with potential and turn away people who haven’t yet mastered their craft.

  • Vanity Press charges so much you’ll never make your money back.

We don’t. Yes, we charge, but very little; a fraction of what VP charges (on order of about $9,000 less).

  • Vanity Press forces you to use their editors, book designers and cover designers.

We don’t. If your book needs editing, we’ll offer some suggestions for no-cost editing, or refer you to a qualified editor. Or you can hire your own. Same with book and cover design. We can help, but if you have them already, no need to pay us for them.

  • Vanity Press requires you to buy a minimum number of book copies, at a mark up.

We don’t. You don’t have to order any, or you can in any quantity you want. We don’t mark up the price and we don’t take a percentage.

  • Vanity Press is about making money any way they can.

We aren’t. All you pay is a low amount for time and administration. Once you earn back every penny with your 70% commission (Amazon get the other 30%), we’ll charge 10% (which is about .20 per book). However, that is covered through the sales we inspire with our network of promoting writers.

We will always be honest with you. Chances are high that your book will need editing. Editor’s books need editing. You should invest in this even if you self-publish.

All told, you will spend less with Prevail Press than you would self-publishing. In the next post, I’ll detail the benefits of publishing your book with Prevail Press.

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