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Valentine’s Day is Hard

They say Valentine’s Day can be painful for single people. Let me tell you something from 29 years of marriage… It can be difficult for married people as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, more today than yesterday and that’s been true every day since we met. Today is deeper and wider than it is fiery and cha-cha.

We’re both romantically impaired. There I said it. To us a lighted candle means it’s too dark to read. Fortunately, we have electric lights and a book that serves as a great inspiration. That book is…. drum-roll, please…

Cherishing Us! by Tom and Debi Walter, the people who put the romance in romantic.

See the book, buy the book

Young love, old love, any love…

This book is full of challenges… I mean “tips”… one for each day, that ignite your days AND nights…

Another book that helps is 7 Essentials to Grow Your Marriage by Steve and Cindy Wright. They lay down the fundamentals of relationship from a he-said/she-said perspective. Getting the masculine AND feminine side of each essential provides a balance other marriage books lack.

See the book, buy the book.

It can fix what ails ya.

There’s still time to buy them for Valentine’s Day. Guys, I assure you, your wife LOVES it when you invest in your marriage!