It’s Scary Out There!

As an author, since Gutenberg got busy, there has never been a harder time to find a publisher. Maybe you know this. Maybe you’ve been shopping a book around.

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A whole lotta nothin’

Traditional publishers are no longer traditional. They take fewer risks, offer fewer services, and often their “advances” are made back by requiring authors to buy copies at a profit to the publisher.

Books that would have found a Madison Avenue publisher just 20 years ago are sent packing, in favor of sure-fire blockbusters, people with platforms, or pandering books best read at Twilight…

What do you do?

Self Publishing – Difficult, often unprofessional, and more expensive than you might think.

Vanity Press – Expensive, many empty promises, and dashed hopes. Your book will be lumped with truly awful books, because Vanity Press publishes anyone who pays their high prices.

Time for a New Kind of Publisher – We fall in-between these and offer the best of both.

First, we don’t publish just anybody. Your book must be well-written and reader-friendly.

Second, we aren’t trying to make a profit as a publisher. WHAT? That’s right. We’re building a community of authors who help promote one another. While we do charge, it’s only to cover the time others put into your book. Thousands of dollars lower than Vanity Press and less than self-publishing (assuming you do what you should do as a self-publisher), we’re a new kind of publisher who is championing authors. As owner of Prevail Press, I want to make money off my book sales, not my author’s entry into publishing.

What Kind of Books?

Great question. What kind do you have? Fiction, non-fiction, how-to, cookbooks, short stories…

…and even screenplays. I can’t find you a producer, but why have it just sitting on a shelf? People do buy screenplays.

Do you have an idea I haven’t listed? I’d love to hear about it!

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Origins of a Unique Kind of Publisher

If you’ve dug into the website, you might have some questions, like:

  • Why are you lower cost that vanity press or “partner publishing?”See the source image
  • How does the publisher make a profit if the cost of entry is so low?
  • What’s this all about, anyway?

All excellent questions!

My name is Rob Swanson (Robert Alexander Swanson on Amazon due to the utterly common nature of my preferred name). Through my ghostwriting days and my own stories, I’ve written 18 books. I know the arduous nature of trying to get published. There are a lot of reasons–I’ll get to those in later posts–none of which involve the quality of writing, but the big one for me is that I love experimental stories. Traditional publishers see that as “risky publishing.”

And you know, I get that. Traditional publishers lay a lot of money on the line. If the book doesn’t sell, they lose.

So, what do you do if you have a great story, well-written, but it’s just sitting on your hard-drive?

You might self-publish

That takes a lot of effort and a lot of research, and a surprising amount of money. And it’s hard to do well.

Or you might go with a vanity publisher

Besides the fact they publish any book, regardless of quality, they also charge a horrifying amount of money. They have overhead, after all, and a need for profit.

So, why is Prevail Press different?

Simple. I have a full-time job that pays my bills and then some. I don’t need to make a profit as a publisher (but I do want to make royalty money from my books). Amazon has made overhead their problem, not mine.

I have a heart for writers. I want great authors to get their books out there. So I just charge for my time in book design and administration. You’ll spend more money self-publishing than you will with Prevail Press, and with us, it will be a better book.

We don’t publish just any old book…

It has to be a great book:

  • You have to have a really well-written book.
    • If you just need a little help, we can link you with editors or mentor you to quality
  • I’d prefer you try to get traditionally published. If you get picked up, congratulations! If not, we’re here for you.
  • You have to be willing to help promote your fellow authors, as they will help promote you.

What will you pay for?

  • Book design if you can’t do a professional job yourself.
  • Book cover design if you can’t do a professional job yourself.
  • Any editing necessary (I can link you to editors, or you can find your own)
  • An ISBN number, and administration costs.
  • Any hardcopy books you want. There is no minimum, I don’t take a markup, so your cost is just what Amazon charges to print it.

A vanity press company will charge anywhere from between $5,000 to $15,000.

With us, it can be as low as $150 (your book is completely ready to go), or +/- $2,000 (if you need everything).

You get 100% of the royalty payment from Amazon (70% book price) until you earn back all you spent with Prevail Press. After that, you get 90%, Prevail Press gets 10%.

I promise you, you won’t get a better deal anywhere else.

What other questions do you have? Comment below and I’m happy to answer!

A unique publisher who is Author-Centric and Reader-Sensitive