You Might be a Writer if…

Being a writer has a cost. We wander around with our heads in the clouds, and as we get older, can wander off in the middle of a sentence…

You might be a writer if:

  • You view life as source material.
  • Problems and conflict aren’t total losses.
  • When you hear about a new kind of torture, you file it away for future use.
  • Friends are friends forever, even if it is only on paper.
  • You read a magazine article and your eyes glaze over and your brain’s tachometer maxes out.
  • Old photographs can do the same thing.
  • You savor your dreams like appetizers to a future main course.
  • You often realize you have no idea what’s going on in the TV show you’re watching.
  • Your significant other trails off speaking because they realize you’re not really here right now.
  • You really don’t mind hearing about other people’s woes.

As you can see, it can be hard on relationships. But cataloging life is your jam.