Speaking Out!

A friend gave me the opportunity to speak to readers when she invited me to her classroom. For the first class I shared about Do Angels Still Fall? which the class was reading, and for the older class, Creativity Wears Boots where they weren’t reading it but still could find the artist inside.

Develop a Complete Student Code of Conduct
The kids didn’t look anything like this. Today’s kids pay attention, but you’re never quiet sure… 🙂

I had a blast, getting fresh insight to my stories and ideas through young reader’s eyes. It was great, but there was an even better part…

This wonderful teacher (I saw part of her class before I went up and only wish I had such terrific teachers) is a writer. She has a hilarious blog full of true-life anecdotes from her life and family. We’ve spoken about turning her blog into a collection for her first book, but I’ll be honest, I shared with her that I think she should take those stories and weave them in a novel about her fascinating life. She confessed she loves historical fiction and my comments got her mind to buzzing.

For me there is no greater joy than encouraging writers. So many people have the ability and just need a little nudge to write. My whole purpose in creating Prevail Press is to make it easier to get a writer’s work to peak quality and launching it out there.

But you gotta write it first. I’m happy to talk to you to get your motor revving, buy only you can put it in drive and get ink on a page.

It’s funny, I always thought I’d have more time the older I got. Instead I’m busier. It’s harder to get to the keyboard with so many things demanding my time. Yet I am. Full time day job, full time publishing job, grown kids, two puppies, and a house and yard to take care of… but I’m still finding time to write.

What about you? What will it take to get you typing? I really want to know!

One thought on “Speaking Out!”

  1. Many people have you to thank for encouraging them to write and many more for encouraging them to read the books that the aforementioned group has written. Thank you as I fit in both categories. Now, I’m going to try to diagram that first sentence. I think it needs some work.


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