The Batwoman Woes

Batwoman, The New Warriors, other TV shows and stories, have met ridicule and joyous slams.

Batwoman season 2 release date | Cast, new actress and news - Radio Times
I will watch it, probably tonight. I struggled with the first season, but hoped Ruby would grow into a good actress. She didn’t, but she was in pain the whole time from a back injury. We’ll see how this actress does.

You see, the second season of Batwoman has a black actress, The New Warriors comic book is stocked with tone-deaf SWJs. Online pundits have been gleefully trashing them.

Why the glee?

There are many shows, books, and stories that I haven’t liked. That’s totally ok. No story makes everyone happy. An author doesn’t need to–and shouldn’t–worry about every negative review. People who don’t like it aren’t your audience.

Now, I haven’t seen or read either of the afore mentioned stories. Still, I’d guess the storytelling is competent. That can be a dangerous assumption, of course, but I’m fairly certain it’s the black and SJW characters that are reviled. Note, it’s not racism, it’s leftism (that is, it’s far right people who hate virtue-signaling and political correctness).

Yet there are people who will likely enjoy them for the same reasons the extreme right hate them.

Recently, I saw The New Mutants movie. I disliked it immensely. It was like a 10-year-old wrote and directed it. It was badly written and they left a lot of great reversals off the page. It could have been great, but in my mind it wasn’t. I know people who loved it.

But I don’t take joy in hating it. That’s just weird. I felt bad that they didn’t see what they had.

The Fan4stic (Fantastic Four) movie that tanked a few years ago didn’t work because it wasn’t a superhero film, it was a creature feature. On that level, it did work.

Here’s the thing, every story has more than one perspective. There’s the story itself, there’s the storyteller’s skill and perspective, the genre, the characters, and the plot. You can like any of these or none.

What’s important, though, is that every writer has an audience. Which means others won’t be. Don’t sweat the negatives, focus on the positives.

That works in life, too.

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