Expanding Our Art Line with Mermaids and Lady Pirates

You ever have people in your life with incredible talent that should make them rich and famous? I do. Several, and two of them a married to each other. Matt and Dawn Davidson. If creativity had weight, they’d sink the world out of orbit.

Let me prove it to you. You see, Matt has published his first book with us, Salty Sirens of the Seven Seas. It’s a coloring book for adults. You probably don’t want to use crayons for this one; colored pencils will work better.

Matt and Dawn, our other coloring book artist, are simply amazing. If they were singers they’d be Caruso, Jackson, that falsetto guy from Maroon 5… people at the top of their game. So good, you don’t know how they’d improve.

Matt toils away in a creative job and Disney and I’ve been begging him to produce, produce, produce! Finally, he has.

His theme is the seven seas, which means mermaids and historical lady pirates (who never looked that good in life).

Click to see it on Amazon!

I like to think Matt knows how good he is, but vast sales would help. Go, buy! Even if you’ve never colored before (remember to buy colored pencils and a pencil sharpener) give it a try. Or rip out the grey scale pages and hang them as is. They’re that good. Check it out!

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