Don’t Be a Hypocrite!

I stopped watching the CW’s Flash many seasons ago. The show had too many logic disconnects to make sense (not the physics of super-speed; you need a lot of willingness to suspend disbelief, but that’s expect for a superhero show), and just sloppy writing.

I did stick around long enough to see the introduction of Ralph Dibny who would become the stretchy sleuth Elongated Man. Ralph was immature, crude, gross, and rubbed everyone wrong. Hartley Sawyer was the perfect actor for the role, he looks identical to the comic book version and has a snarky sense of humor.

Kids, Elongated Man, Flash, Costume, Zentai, Bodysuit, Superhero ...
Elongated Man

Ralph’s particular arc was to grow, mature, become more heroic, and be all that he could be. And he succeeded, eventually winning everyone’s trust and respect.

Now they’ve fired Hartley Sawyer because 8 years ago he made several insensitive, offensive tweets. Sawyer was a young comedian, immature and going for shock value to get noticed.

Sawyer was Dibny, who has grown, matured, and become the adult he wasn’t then.

By firing Sawyer, the CW has become a steaming hypocrite. It’s heroic for Dibny to grow up, but not Sawyer, who’s apologetic and recognizes his offense.

This is a writing blog, though, so let me bring it home: write what you believe. Live what you believe. Obviously many of characters are negative examples… they aren’t what you believe but they counterpoint what you do believe in your favored characters. Clearly they should be growing in a manner consistent with what you believe to be good. When you see someone similar going through your character’s arc, you should be applauding it.

THE FLASH Finds Their Elongated Man
The comic book version.

Or is that a stretch?

One thought on “Don’t Be a Hypocrite!”

  1. This is excellent. I was wondering and even looked to see which one of your blogs I was reading, and then in the next sentence you cleared up the mystery. That’s good writing!


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