Give the Gift of Adventure!

There were two times a year that I looked forward to as a kid when it came to reading. The beginning of the school year when we got the Scholastic order form was the first. My parents were the most generous people on the planet because I’d come home with almost every book checked. They always got them for me. They’d come in a tall stack (20 to 30 books), and for the next couple weeks I was consumed. Books are always an adventure (mine can’t help but reflect that).

The second was Christmas. When my parents realized that I was ready for adult-level books by sixth-grade, they began to give me their favorite books, some from the 40’s, some contemporary, many before I’d read them :).

They also joined book clubs left and right (so did I back when money was available). Today, my sisters have boxes of books they ship from house to house (the worst thing about living 3000 miles away).

Here we are a Christmas and I’d be remiss not to remind you of the amazing possibilities that Prevail Press offers.

Books that are a True Gift!

Got kids?  For the grade schoolers, may I suggest Always Look for the Magic by Bonnie Manning Anderson, and Do Angels Still Fall? by Robert Alexander Swanson (me; and parents, read with your kids!).

Teenagers? How about Me and the Maniac in Outer Space also by me.

Married, young or… not so young? To encourage romance, Cherishing Us! by Tom and Debi Walter, and to encourage longevity, 7 Essentials to Grow Your Marriage by Steve and Cindy Wright.

Ladies who love historical fiction? We have Through the Eyes of Grace by Debi Walter.

Artists? Creativity Wears Boots by me again. Or Faces and Fantasy, a coloring book by Dawn Davidson.

Christians wanting to grow? Against the Current – Biblical Worldview, a Guide to Culture Change our newest book by Bill Hufford, and So Many Mountains, Which Ones to Climb? What Really Matters in Church Life by Aron Osborne.

Get the whole stack! They look great on a book shelf (you should see mine!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Decade!

Writers are Artists Too!

Who says writers aren’t artists? Well, no one, I hope. But in case you have doubts, and you’re in the Orlando area, several Prevail Press authors are participating in Metro Life’s 2nd Annual Art Show THIS SATURDAY from 4-9!

Metro Life Church is in beautiful Casselberry, FL, at the juncture of Red Bug Lake Road and Winter Park Drive (if you know where Buffalo Wild Wings is in Casselberry, you’re almost there).

No photo description available.
Be there or be a Philistine

Metro Life is an amazing church that is all about growing the individual in all aspects of development, from spiritual, emotional, physical (if you like basketball), and the creative arts.

Metro has opened their doors to artists of all kinds, from fabulous painters, sculptors, photographers, folk artists, fine artists, and authors. This year, performing artists have a gallery of their own.

And of course, there will be Author’s Row, a book signing with local authors. Our Prevail Press heroes will be:

Bonnie Anderson (ask her about her new book that will be coming out soon).

Bill Hufford (brand new book on culture change).

Tom and Debi Walter (fresh from the airport. Or not so fresh, you tell us).

Aron Osborne (ask him about his podcasts related to his book).

Robert Alexander Swanson (that’s me, with my newest book about creativity… at an art show, don’t you love the synchronicity?)

There will be cheese, punch, cookies, and ART!

If you’re in Orlando, come join us, you’ll be glad you did.

Afternoons with Mike (and Me)

I had the privilege of joining Mike Gilland on the radio to promote both Metro Life’s 2nd Annual Art Show and my book Creativity Wears Boots.

Mike’s show, Afternoons with Mike, is on the Shepard Radio at 1270 AM on the radio dial and on the web. He was kind enough to invite me on and if you missed it, you can hear it here, right now!

Mike is the ultimate professional and I probably let my mind get ahead of my mouth several times, so any incoherence is on me, not Mike. Enjoy and see you at the Art Show this Saturday, Dec. 7th between 4 and 9 PM. It’s an open house, you don’t have to stay through it all, but you just might want to with the performing arts on display in the Alive Gallery!

Enjoy. 🙂

Afternoons with Mike